Yemin Lan
Biomedical Engineering
PhD Thesis, 2015: "A study of microbial diversity using comparative genomics and comparative metagenomics methods" (Now at UPenn)
Greg Ditzler
PhD Thesis, 2015: "Scalable Subset Selection with Filters and Its Applications" (Now at University of Arizona)
Erin Reichenberger
Biomedical Emgineering
PhD Thesis, 2015 "Pas de Deux: Environment & Microbial Communities - Interactions, Influence, & Analysis" (now at USDA)
Steven Essinger
PhD Thesis, 2013: "Partitioning Abiotic and Biotic Contributions to Community Variation" (Now at Pandora Inc.)
Bruce Chen
Information Science and Technology, PhD 2012
Adrian Lorenzana
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Aaron Rosenfeld
Computer Science, BS 2011
Now at A.J. Drexel Institute for Applied Communications and Information Networking
Non Yok
PhD Thesis, 2011: "New Approaches to Improving Organisms Detection and Gene Prediction in Metagenomes"(Now an instructor at Rowan University)
Jacob Clouse
STAR Scholar
Biomedical Engineering
Tze Yee Lim
Undergraduate Co-op researcher, BS degree 2011 (Now at University of Texas, Houston in the Medical Physics Graduate Program)
Elaine Garbarine
Masters Thesis 2009 - "Information Theoretic Approaches to Genome Feature Selection for Taxonomic Classification"(Now at Lockheed-Martin Corp.)
Vinay Gadia
Undergraduate Researcher, BS degree 2009 (Now at Columbia University's Engineering Mangement Program)
Chidiogo Lke-Egbuono
DK-12 REU, BS degree 2009 (Now at PJM International)
Ryan Coote
DK-12 REU, BS degree 2009 (Now at Delaware State University in the Optics PhD program)
Adheer Chauhan
DK-12 Fellow (Now at the Dow Chemical Company)
Dr Boris Dirnbach
CAPA Teacher
Ken O'Driscoll
DK-12 REU (Now at ManTech company)
Arma'an Al-Mamun
Columbia University
Andrea Ochadlick
Now at James Madison University majoring in Healthcare